Garmin Descent MK1 Review (Best Guide)

Hi friends, in today’s article, we are going to present a review of the Garmin Descent MK1 review. What can you expect from this article? We will introduce you to the main features, strengths and customer reviews on the Garmin Descent MK1.

Garmin Descent MK1 Features

  • A dive computer with GPS on the surface and full functionality inside a stylish watch, bright 1.2″ colour screen and TOPO maps
  • Dive computer equipped with GPS and GLONASS location that allows you to mark dive and surfacing points1 for surface navigation
  • Choose between single and multiple gas dive modes (including nitrox and trimix), via indicator, apnoea and closed circuit respirator (CCR); plan your dives directly on the device
  • With 16 GB of internal memory, it allows you to save and analyse data from 200 dives and share them online via Garmin Descent MK1 Connect and the mobile app
  • A fully featured multi-port watch, combines Elevate 2 wrist heart rate tracking with multi-port profiles, Smart Notification3 and automatic uploads via the Garmin Connect Mobile app to the online dive community
  • Battery life: up to 40 hours in dive mode and 20 hours in GPS4 mode, 10 days in smartwatch mode and 19 days in watch mode

Main Strengths of Garmin Descent MK1

GPS Highly sensitive GPS and GLONASS receivers automatically mark dive entry and exit points.

You can set vibration and tone alarms to provide reminders at critical dive spots. 6 different gas mixtures are supported, including nitrox and trimix (up to 100% oxygen) and CCR support is provided. Configurable caution settings allow you to configure your personal security limits.

Simplicity comes first
Once in the water, don’t worry about starting and stopping the Dive activity on your Descent ™ Mk1 – just dive to automatically start and surface to stop.
Orient yourself easily even underwater thanks to the integrated 3-axis compass. The comfortable intuitive keys will allow you to view it easily and at any time on the display of your Descent Mk1.

Wrist-based heart rate detection
The Descent Mk1 dive computer features the latest Garmin Descent MK1 Elevate ™ 2 wrist-based heart rate technology (when worn close to skin, not over a wetsuit or dry suit). The sensor measures your heart rate 24/7 without the need to wear a chest strap.

Lots of sports, just one
Descent Mk1 device has also been designed with athletes in mind in their sports and outdoor activities. It has multi-port profiles for running, cycling, swimming, trail running, rowing, indoor training, cross-country skiing, as well as triathlon and recreational activities such as hiking, indoor and outdoor rowing, SUP, climbing, downhill skiing and much more. You will never be able to do without your new Descent Mk1

Pair with the in Reach Global Satellite Communicator
Total security at your wrist. Pair the Descent Mk1 dive computer and the in Reach Mini® Two-Way Global Satellite Communicator (satellite subscription required). You can receive notifications and weather forecasts on your wrist and even activate an SOS directly from the watch once on the surface. When you use the in Reach Mini Underwater Case, which is waterproof to 10 ATM (or 100 meters), you take the same peace of mind underwater with you as using it on the surface1

Smart notification
Descent Mk1, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth module, has the Smart Notification function3. Whenever you receive a notification, text, call or email from the paired smartphone, Descent Mk1 vibrates slightly and allows you to automatically view information on the watch display

Designed to withstand the most adverse conditions
Descent Mk1 has been designed to satisfy the passions of all sports enthusiasts thanks to the EXO ™ PVD-coated antenna that ensures an always precise position data. The anti-glare high-resolution colour Chroma screen with LED backlighting allows data to be accessed in any light condition, ensuring optimal visibility even below the water level.

Outstanding Performance
The compact and sleek design makes it stunning in and out of the water. Equipped with the exclusive Garmin Descent MK1 Quick Fit band, Descent Mk1 allows you to change the band quickly and easily without the use of tools. Moreover, thanks to the powerful rechargeable battery inside, the duration is ensured up to 40 hours in dive mode, up to 21 days in watch mode, up to 12 days in smartwatch mode, up to 20 hours in active GPS mode and up to 30 hours in Ultra Trac mode.

Save, analyse and share your dives and other activities using Garmin Descent MK1 Connect and the Garmin Connect Mobile app – our online community of enthusiasts. Connect with other users and share your dive data with friends. You will also be able to review your dive history on your computer or compatible mobile device.

Garmin Descent MK1 Review according to customer

“I bought it because I wanted something more from my dive computer. I had a simple Cressi Leonardo button, which does the job well, but I wanted more options and easier programming. This watch also replaced my Apple Watch, all the features that Apple had that this one I never used anyway. The diving options are beyond my current training level, but I intend to go further, and the watch will definitely manage my efforts. I haven’t used the Jump master or HALO / HAHO settings yet. The biggest advantage over the Apple Watch is the battery life. I logged over 20 dives over the course of 8 days and still had battery life. “- Andrea

“ I love the watch in general, there are a lot of great features and apps. However, the instructions that come with the watch are not very detailed. It took me some time to research outside Garmin Descent MK1 Descent MK1 to find good information” – James

“Overall, I really liked this watch. I used it for a 7-day dive, and it was great. I definitely have to get used to the screens and features. But I like it very much. ” 

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