Garmin 645 vs. 245 Review – A 2022 Deep Dive

Garmin 645 smartwatch

Garmin 645 vs. 245 Review— The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a smartwatch is Apple Watch Series 2. But if you are looking for something different, then the Garmin 645 could be your best choice. This watch has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. It runs on Android Wear OS version 2.0.1 (GPS + GLONASS) and can connect to Wifi networks. You can use voice commands to control the device. It has a built-in GPS receiver and supports offline navigation.

The Garmin 645 is a great device that can help you track your fitness activities and keep you motivated. This watch comes with many features like sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, GPS navigation, music player, etc. You can use this watch to monitor your daily activity and get some insights into your health.

Garmin 645 Features

This watch has a 1.39-inch color display screen, which makes it easy to read the information displayed on the screen. It has a built-in speaker and microphone, allowing you to make calls using its integrated Bluetooth technology. You can easily connect this watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Garmin 645 vs. 245 Review

Garmin 645 Specifications

It has a high-resolution optical HR sensor that measures your heart rate accurately. It also has a barometric altimeter that allows you to measure your altitude while running. It has a built-in GPS receiver that helps you navigate through different locations.

The price of the Garmin 645 is $199.99 while the price of the Garmin 245 is $79.99. So if you are looking for a smartwatch that can do everything from tracking your fitness to sending messages to your phone, then the Garmin 645 is definitely worth checking out.


Both watches have a similar design but the Garmin 645 has a larger display than the Garmin 245. The Garmin 645 has a 1.65-inch LCD screen and the Garmin 245 has a 0.7-inch OLED display. Both watches have touch screens but the Garmin 645’s touchscreen is slightly bigger than the Garmin 245’s.

Fitness Tracking

Both watch track steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, sleep quality, and water intake. However, the Garmin 645 tracks these metrics better than the Garmin 245. You can use the Garmin 645 to track your runs, walks, bike rides, and other activities. The Garmin 245 only tracks steps and distance.


  • Has a built-in barometric altimeter
  • Can track 18 different sports
  • Supports Garmin Pay


  • Battery life in GPS mode could be better

why we should buy Garmin 645

Garmin 645 is a GPS device that can track your location and speed at any time. It has many features such as tracking your route, calculating distance, displaying your current speed, showing your altitude, and much more. This device is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for about 4 hours. You can use this device while driving, hiking, biking, running, etc. That’s why we should buy this device.

Garmin 245 smartwatch

The Garmin 245 is a GPS-enabled smartwatch that can track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, sleep quality, and heart rate. It has a 1.39-inch display screen and comes with a built-in speaker. You can view notifications from your smartphone while wearing this watch. This device is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


This smartwatch features a 1.39 inch LCD touch screen display, a built-in speaker, a built-in microphone, Bluetooth connectivity, and a built-in accelerometer. It has a battery life of about 5 days. It has a water-resistant design.

  1. Display:
    The Garmin 245 has a 1.54 inch display that offers a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This means that the watch can show you information at a high enough clarity to read easily. The screen is not backlit, but instead uses ambient light to illuminate the display.
  2. Processor:
    The processor used in this watch is the Texas Instruments OMAP 3630. This chip was designed specifically for use in wearable devices like watches and fitness trackers. It features a dual core Cortex A9 CPU running at 800MHz. This allows the device to run multiple apps simultaneously and perform other tasks efficiently.
  3. Memory:
    The memory in this device is 512MB of RAM. This should be more than sufficient for most users needs. However, if you are planning on using the watch for navigation purposes, then you may want to consider purchasing a model with more memory.


  • Better battery life in GPS mode
  • More affordable
  • Has a body meter score
  • Has an Oximeter Pulse for oxygen level tracking


  • No altimeter
  • Doesn’t support Garmin Pay

Garmin 645 vs. 245 which one is best ?

The Garmin 645 is a GPS device that can track your speed, distance traveled, calories burned, pace, elevation gain/loss, heart rate, and other stats. This unit has a large display screen that allows you to view information at a glance. You can use this device to record your workouts and upload them to a computer later.

The Garmin 245 is a smaller version of the 645. It features similar functions but does not have a screen. Instead, it uses a small LCD display.

Both devices are great tools for tracking fitness activities. They both work well outdoors and indoors. However, the 645 is slightly larger than the 245. If you want something that is easy to carry around and doesn’t take up too much space, then the 645 is the better choice.

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