Celly TrainerWatch Review: An affordable but feature-rich smartwatch

Aesthetics and Design

Celly TrainerWatch Review — This product is entirely made of plastic, at first glance it immediately appears to be cheap in the lightness of the materials used, without however giving the feeling of little strength. The dimensions are classic for a wearable with a  1.69-inch display, therefore it is suitable for any wrist, both male and female. The thickness  is not too high, being also very light, once worn you will forget it completely, excellent general ergonomics.1 of 5  

Celly TrainerWatch Review

The strap is made of silicone, it is removable from the standard size; the material used is not of high quality, gets dirty easily, and is difficult to clean. Despite this, we wore it 24 hours a day, and we never had any signs of irritation or problems of any kind. The two loops hold the final part of the strap well, without constantly requiring our action.1 of 2  

Celly TrainerWatch Review

On the surface there is only a single bezel button on the right side, it offers a good feed, it has more than enough travel, and it is difficult to press it inadvertently. All the rest of the control is done via physical input.

Hardware and Performance

The front panel is a  1.69-inch IPS  LCD, the quality is sufficiently remembering the actual selling price; the colors are not very accurate, while the chromatic range is limited, the brightness is adequate for use in direct sunlight, and the sharpness reflects expectations. It is a full touchscreen component, with touch and scroll support, inputs are received very well, excessive pressure is not required.

Celly TrainerWatch Review

The heart rate sensor is integrated into the back, which also extends the functionality towards measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood,  blood pressure, and sleep monitoring. The latter is correctly divided in relation to the phases, even if it is easily deceived (as on 90% of wearables). The measurements described above are precise and reliable, remembering however that they are not medical devices.

Celly TrainerWatch Review

The remaining functions of the Celly TrainerWatch are the canonical ones, they concern the measurement of steps, distance traveled and calories burned. Accuracy is good (it always tends to round up), even compared to a Fitbit, for example, with small defections in training sessions; although there are many activities that can be started, we have felt the lack of more information shown on the screen, such as the pace per kilometer for example. Further investigation would certainly have made the experience more enjoyable.

The device has IP67  certification for resistance to dust, water splashes, and immersions up to a maximum of  1 meter depth. For this reason,  swimming is also present among the training activities. There are also remote camera control, weather application,  alarms, countdowns, and the like.

Notifications and Battery

The Celly TrainerWatch is well-stocked in relation to the fitness world, a little less in its smart part, as, like the Huawei product reviewed earlier,  it does not allow you to interact in any way with notifications. The messages are correctly received and displayed by any application (no emoticons or images), without however offering the possibility of replying even with pre-set replies. The excellent intensity of the vibration, which can be set on several levels.

The operating system is simple and intuitive, the organization of the menus is well-conceived, we noticed some small flaws in the translation, more attention would be needed, but nothing that cannot be solved with a software update. Excellent ability to control music playback previously started on the smartphone.

The connection with the latter takes place via  Bluetooth, compatibility is extended to any model currently available on the market (both Android and iOS). The battery is rechargeable using the base included in the package,  Celly base guarantees  6 days of continuous use. In our tests we can very well confirm them, we recharged it only once a  week, a more than sufficient and satisfactory autonomy.

Celly TrainerWatch: conclusions

In conclusion, the  Celly TrainerWatch is an excellent product to buy if you are looking for a smartwatch devoted to fitness, full of functions and applications (which start very quickly), and at a decidedly low price. These, with the addition of IP67 certification, the correct display of all notifications, and still satisfactory ergonomics, are its strengths.

On the other side of the coin, we found software that is not always accurate in the translation and measurement of steps, with little information in the training sessions.

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